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About the Owner
Inspiration for Our Name

It’s not hard to find a functional fitness gym in Kansas City, so why choose Sky’s Limit Fitness?

We are a community of everyday people with a passion to better ourselves, and an environment where anything is possible.

Our level of experience, balanced workout programming, methods of teaching, and coaching personalities provide a safe and fun group fitness experience for people of all levels and abilities.

We focus on all aspects of fitness to help you improve your overall health and longevity through unique daily group workouts for strength and stamina. You will lift weights, climb, step, jump, run, bike and row, all with a class instructor that will help you workout safely at your own fitness level.

Most of all, we check our egos at the door and we keep fitness fun!

When we opened in 2011 under a different name, but in 2022 became unaffiliated with that brand and changed our name to Sky’s Limit Fitness. Our goal is to continue evolving while serving our local fitness community with an effective, fun, and inclusive workout environment that has a positive impact on the lives of our members. We would love for you to join us!

About the Owner

Ronnie Oswald – Owner, Head Coach and Personal Trainer

Sky's Limit Fitness owner Ronnie Oswald at the gym with family

From day one of his professional career, he has been dedicated to improving the lives of his clients. Prior to his personal training career, he was a child services social worker for the state of Missouri in 2006. His desire to help children and their families find a better life was not enough to make a difference in an understaffed, bureaucratic government agency.  To his pregnant wife’s initial dismay, he quit his state job and began a fresh start as a personal trainer. Fitness and health had been a hobby, but as he built his clientele base, he discovered in personal training a fulfilling career as he helped people improve their quality of life.

Since 2007, he has worked with every type of client imaginable, from recovering couch potatoes, to triathletes, to figure competitors. Ronnie has a love for fitness and lives it in his everyday life, always experimenting with his own personal workouts, incorporating his experience to help members reach their goals. He has the unique ability to connect with people of any personality and background to inspire and motivate them to be their best. He loves sports; working with athletes to help improve their sports performance while also helping them develop self discipline and foundational life skills.

Education and Experience:
 Ronnie has been a certified personal trainer since early 2007, servicing over 5,000 training sessions while holding various nationally recognized personal training certs like ISSA, NESTA, and AFAA. And hey, he is not some certified meathead, he’s actually a college graduate, with a Bachelors in Sociology from University of Missouri Kansas City.

The Guy Behind Sky’s Limit Fitness: There’s a lot more to Ronnie than fitness and tattoos. He’ll claim his favorite movie is Gladiator, but secretly, it’s Urban Cowboy. He’s a fan of hard rock and country music, mixed martial arts, bowhunting, the great outdoors, and BBQ. You’d think he’s some kind of tough guy based on all that, but then you haven’t seen him with his two daughters, Skyler and Layla. He’s a strong guy with a big heart, who’s driven by the journey to health, fitness, and happiness, not only for himself, but for his family, friends, and clients.

Inspiration for Our Name

Ronnie Oswald daughter Skyler, the namesake for Sky's Limit Fitness

Ronnie’s oldest daughter Skyler was born with a heart condition that was discovered when she got very sick at only five months old. Despite a blockage in her aorta, her heart grew bigger to meet the needs of her body. She was weak, and her heart hurt, but it did not stop. She fought through the pain and found the energy to survive. It took sacrifice. And even after the transformation to a new stronger heart began, she fought. Her anger against breathing treatments and blood draws were heard loud and clear through the hospital walls. But that attitude and tenacity for life was inspiring. She never quit, despite the grave challenges and pain she had to face. Through it all, her heart never reached a limit. It was never too weak, and will never be too strong.

It is a reminder to all of us for what we are mentally and physically capable of, and for that, there are no limits.